How and when do I get my car registered?

Once you've purchased a vehicle from Vroom, we will provide everything you need to know about registering your vehicle.

If you financed your purchase through Vroom and / or the vehicle you purchased is being registered in Texas or Florida, we will register your vehicle on your behalf and mail your registration and license plates to you once your state DMV has prepared them. This typically takes 4–6 weeks from the delivery date of your vehicle, depending on the state.

Each state has different registration requirements. We will send your state-specific requirements to you once you receive your vehicle.

- You may need to complete and return state-specific items in order for Vroom to successfully register your vehicle. These items could include inspections (VIN verifications or smog tests, for example) that you will need to complete at a local inspection station.

- In some states, Vroom is not able to complete your registration on your behalf as the state requires the vehicle to be registered in person.

If you paid cash for your vehicle or financed through another provider, you are responsible for going to your local DMV to register your vehicle. Vroom will mail you the title and supporting documents to do so within 2–6 weeks of the delivery date of your vehicle.

Please make sure you bring a copy of your Purchase Agreement (also known as the bill of sale.)