What should I do when my vehicle arrives?

Here’s what to do on the day of your delivery:

1. Inspect the vehicle before signing the bill of lading. If you find any issues, please call us immediately at (855) 219-5411.

2. The Vroom team will have already placed 60-day temporary registration tags on the vehicle. The tags allow you to drive the car legally right away. Check to confirm the tags are in place.

3. If you are trading in a vehicle, be sure to grab all of your belongings out of your old vehicle before we pick it up. Vroom cannot guarantee you’ll be able to retrieve items from your old vehicle.

4. Take your new ride for a spin!

If you financed with Vroom, we will register your vehicle for you, and we will mail your license plate and registration once all work is done with your State agency. Look to your finance packet for state specific registration requirements to complete and return to us once your vehicle is delivered.

Don’t forget to contact your insurer to get your new vehicle covered. You’ll need your new vehicle's 17-digit VIN number, mileage, and price when you call.