What is the $500 deposit for?

Vroom requires a $500 deposit to put a hold on a car and begin the purchase process. It’s a quick and easy way to take a car you’re seriously considering off the market before someone else can claim it.

Once we receive your deposit, you will receive a short checklist of items to complete in order to keep your vehicle on hold. We ask that you complete the checklist within 24 hours, or the hold on your vehicle will expire. If the hold expires, your deposit will be refunded.

The checklist may include:

- Copy of your driver’s license
- Proof of insurance
- Completing Vroom’s trade-in process (if applicable)
- Filling out a Vroom credit application (if applicable)
- Proof of income
- Vehicle purchase agreement

To place a hold, simply click the Hold button on any vehicle’s page on Vroom.com.

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