How do I know if a vehicle has an open safety recall?

The easiest way to check the recall status of a specific vehicle is to visit and enter the vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You can find the VIN for any Vroom vehicle in the “Car Details” section on our website. Vroom also provides a free CarFax report for every vehicle we sell, which may include safety recall information on some manufacturers’ vehicles. Here’s an example from a CarFax report:


If you have questions about a specific vehicle, ask your Vroom representative. They’ll go over the vehicle’s CarFax history report with you and can help you look up results from the NHTSA website.

Furthermore, you can search for other safety information based on a vehicle’s make, model, and year (and not tied to any particular VIN) by visiting the NHTSA website, which provides access to technical service bulletins, NHTSA investigations, and owner complaints.

Recall and other safety information also may be available on some manufacturers’ websites. Sometimes a vehicle may have an issue that has not yet risen to the level of a recall, but manufacturers may still offer remedies.